Brunswick Hub

Warwick District Council, Leamington Spa

As part of the regeneration of Leamington’s Old Town a group of key stakeholders including the District Council, the County Council and the Local Health Authority joined together to create a ‘One Stop Shop’ for local services.  Under one roof a community hall, doctors and dentist surgeries would be provided at the heart of the community.  The site selected was within a predominantly residential area so, although it wanted to stand out, the building could not dominate the street scene.  To address this need, the design that emerged combined a vernacular pitched roof with contemporary materials and colours.  All facilities were collected around a foyer with a tall, top lit central space and reception, the various element were then arranged across a single level of ground floor accommodation.

In delivering the project Robothams engaged with all the agencies involved and consulted with local people and the planning authority to ensure the building connected both with its context and the wider community.