Early Years Centres

Warwickshire County Council, Warwickshire

As part of the Government’s 10-year childcare strategy ‘for every child in the UK to fulfil their full potential’, the Phase 2 Children’s Centres allow every family to have access to an affordable, flexible, high-quality childcare place for their child.  Robothams were appointed by Warwickshire County Council to help deliver four centres as part of a framework agreement.  In each instance our design strategy has reflected the individuality and needs of the specific community.  As well as the primary function of providing childcare facilities, these centres function as a community hub, creating facilities for every member of the family.  The centres include spaces for group seminars giving support to parents and advice on parenting,  rooms for health visitors to provide child and family health services, and facilities to help parents back into work with links to Jobcentre plus.

One of the main challenges was delivering all four projects simultaneously and to the same programme, particularly when considering the different site limitations and difficulties in gaining planning approvals.  It was our role to fully co-ordinate all parties to ensure that each centre was completed on time and under budget.