Dining Hall Redevelopment

Bromsgrove School, Bromsgrove

This project is the refurbishment and extension of the existing dining hall at the prestigious Bromsgrove School, providing a state of the art food hall that can cater for 1,400 students a day, and offering a range of cosmopolitan foods to serve the multinational boarders.

Our proposals aim to address the inefficiencies of the building and the issues of noise and fume pollution, providing a food hall style servery area, new staff dining facilities and generally improving the architectural appearance of this dated building.

New extensions will be provided to the north, east and south sides presenting a new image, the architecture of these aiming to create a building which is appealing, opening its arms to users and visitors.  The building incorporates a timber frame structure and the new facades are a mixture of brick, glass and stone to fit seamlessly into the historic campus whilst presenting a contemporary form.

All the extensions are single storey and have pitched Sedum roofs to reduce rainwater run-off and the visual impact of the building on its neighbours.