Disruptive Media Learning Lab

Coventry University, Coventry

The project transforms the third floor of the Lanchester Library into a physical space for the Centre for Disruptive Media. The team behind the Centre define Disruptive Media as a ‘term we have adapted from business where a disruptive media technology is one that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market and value network’.

For more information on the concept click here.

The DMLL is a base for this cross-university unit with a variety of experimental learning, meeting and work spaces to promote collaboration between academics, librarians, developers and researchers. Vibrant graphics and a mix of curved and rectilinear forms challenge user’s preconceptions of a traditional learning environment, including a ‘grassy’  amphitheatre and a contoured timber ‘hill’. Social and work space is integrated into the overall volume, with the DMLL being a popular space for academics and students.

The scheme worked with the library’s natural ventilation and daylighting strategy to create the DMLL without radically changing the building’s M&E systems. Contractor Greswolde undertook the refurbishment works during the summer break.